Sell your textbooks

Sell A Book / Buyback Database

Want to know if your books are being bought? Tell us which textbook you want to sell (just enter in its ISBN, usually printed on the back cover next to the barcode) and the website will search the Buyback database to tell you how much we can pay you for them at a Buyback.

BuyBack Alerts and Used Book Classifieds

Want to be notified by email when we are buying your books back? Then, sign up for Buyback Alerts. Periodically we will send out emails matching the books you have signed up with the current buyback prices listed in our database.

Is the offered buyback price too low? Or is your book not being bought back at all? Use the Used Book Classifieds to buy and sell books privately between students.

Frequently Asked Questions
Got questions about how this works? Have a look at our FAQ.

How It Works
  1. Tell us which books you want to sell
  2. We will check all participating schools to find a school currently buying the title.
  3. If no schools are currently buying your title you can sell it to other students directly in our used book classifieds.
  4. We can automatically notify you by Email when a school wants to buy your book.